March 14, 2018

Create or Destroy

Written By:  Andrew Eide

Often I find Scientists and Astronomers to be beyond hilarious. Scientists are to base their findings on only absolute proven facts. Astronomers tend to make stuff up to try to explain what we don’t know.

The first item is that they claim when we look outward with telescopes we can see to the far reaches of the Universe. In reality we can barely see two or three planets away from Earth. To date we have not been able to see to the center of our Milky Way Galaxy. And yet these Astronomers and Scientists claim we can see half way across the Universe when we cannot even see clearly to the last planet in our Solar System and have never yet been able to view the center of our own Milky Way Galaxy.

The other day I’m watching Science Channel program titled How the Universe Works. On this episode they were asking the question why the planet Mercury has less thickness of a mantle than Venus, Earth, and Mars, since all four planets are “inner” planets and should be very similar in how they are made up.

These Scientists claim that many collisions between objects is what formed planets. They claim that when these huge objects hurl toward each other and collide they come together to form a planet. Here on Earth I have yet to see any collision or explosion “create” anything except to create a mess.

Have you seen cars slam into each other in an auto accident and create a larger car? No you have not because in every case when two or more cars crash into each other destruction happens. Not sure how these Scientists can believe that things crashing into each other creates things.

These same Scientists claim there was a huge explosion and that created everything in the Universe. Have you ever seen an explosion create something? No you have not. We didn’t drop bombs on each other during wars to make new things we dropped these bombs to destroy what already exists. Do you honestly believe if we put a large explosive device into a large dump site and blew it up that it would create a car, an airplane, or a building, from the explosion? Of course you wouldn’t believe that it would.

So on this episode of How the Universe Works they had to try to come up with an explanation why the crust, or mantle, of Mercury is only one-third the thickness of those of Venus, Earth, and Mars. Are you ready for their explanation? Are you sure? Be ready to laugh okay?

These same Scientists who claim that items smashing into each other causes them to come together and form planets now state that items crashing into Mercury caused two-thirds of the mantle, or crust, to be knocked off and fly off into space, therefore reducing the size of the planet Mercury and the thickness of the mantle.

So which is it? Does violent explosions and collisions “create” stuff or “destroy” stuff? It cannot be both. The laws of Physics prove that explosions and collisions will destroy things.

Scientists and Astronomers keep me laughing.