June 17, 2017

Cancer Treatment - What Is Possible and What Is Not Possible

Written By:  Andrew Eide

Disclaimer:  I am not a Doctor. I’ve never practiced medicine in any way, shape, or form. However I am informed and I know what I’m talking about.

You hear in the news all the time that this doctor or that scientist has discovered a “cure for cancer” and I call them out on this as I know that is a lie. How do I know that is a lie? Today I will explain it all to you and you will come away from my article enlightened.

There is no virus or infection that causes cancer. Unlike the Flu which has a virus that causes it, or a common cold which has a virus that causes it, or something else that has a specific disease or infection that causes it, there is no one direct cause of cancer. There is a general cause of cancer I will explain to you today but since there is no one direct cause, such as an infection you take antibiotics for, or the Flu which you take a vaccination for, cancer is truly a unique item to take on and resolve.

We have an immune system in our body. It is designed to keep us healthy. When a cell reproduces it divides from a single cell into two cells. Then those two cells each divide into two equal part and you now have four cells. The next division brings you eight cells, etc.

Ask yourself an important question. How does our bodies know if a cell is reproducing (dividing) correctly with all the genetic information it needs to continue reproducing into a product cell or cells? You know if you were on an assembly line and your company was making cakes when a cake came down the conveyor belt and it was flat, or uneven, or in some other way deformed or defective, it would be pulled off the conveyor belt and destroyed.

That’s exactly what our immune system does. When a cell divides the immune system does a Quality Assurance check on it. Our immune system checks the dividing cell and if it is dividing correctly without defects the immune system allows it go continue to reproduce. The next division of those two cells the QA check is done again. If everything is going correctly the cells are allowed to continue to divide and grow into something. But what if the immune system detects there is an error in the reproduction (division) of the cell? Then the immune system attacks the incorrectly dividing cell and destroys it.

However if a cell that is reproducing (dividing) incorrectly, with genetic damage, or with some other incorrect manner, but the immune system incorrectly allows it to continue to reproduce, then what you have is a mass of incorrectly reproducing cells which we use the catch-all term of “cancer tumor.”

Therefore the only thing standing in the way of cells reproducing abnormally and turning into a mass of cells, or tumor, that we call “cancer” is a healthy immune system. So your next question is how can a healthy immune system fail and allow just one incorrectly reproducing (dividing) cell to continue on thinking it is correctly reproducing (dividing)?

Here are some general statistics for you. How many cells to you think an average human being has? They have 10 Trillion cells. Yes you read that correctly. So now let’s look at how many cells are produced (i.e., reproduced) under certain time intervals. How many cells are reproduced as follows:

In one hour = 90 billion cells

In 24 hours = 2.5 trillion cells

In one week = 15.1 trillion cells

In one month = 78.9 trillion cells

In one year = 941.7 trillion cells

If in just one hour 90 billion cells reproduce then you can imagine that if you have an immune system that is less than 100 percent capacity that some cells are going to pass along and missed as being defective by the immune system. If just one percent of those 90 billion cells were allowed to get through the Quality Assurance check by the immune system when those cells divide that can amount to a large amount of incorrectly reproducing (dividing) cells.

There is no injection or medication that doctors of scientists can give someone to kill the cancer in your body since there is no infection or virus that causes the cancer it is simply a depleted immune system.

Thank you for dropping in and reading my article. You have been enlightened.