August 12, 2017

More Global Warming Debunking

Written By:  Andrew Eide

I love to bring up interesting facts to show that the Global Warming thing is nothing but a hoax by scientists to make money. Here are a few for you to consider.

They claim the ice at the Poles is melting and we will suffer global flooding. Well, gee, they’ve been saying this since the 1960’s and now we are 50 years down the road and the water level in the oceans has remained the same and the thickness of the Polar ice has gotten thicker. DEBUNKED!

They claim that the temperature of the Earth and our atmosphere has increased. Well, gee, since the 1960’s every time NASA sent a rocket into space they took readings of the temperature of the atmosphere and the temperature of the Earth’s surface. Want to know the facts? Since the early 1960’s NASA’s data shows that the temperature of the Earth has DECREASED from 2.5 to 3.0 degrees over the past 50 years. The Earth is not warming up it is cooking down. DEBUNKED!

They claim that human-created things are causing the pollution in the atmosphere. Want to know the truth? The majority of the pollution in the atmosphere, around 75 percent, is caused by volcanoes. The other 25 percent is caused by stuff humans do but not from where you are being told it is coming from. I will explain below.

The claim from Global Warming activists is that our internal combustion vehicles, and burning coal for energy production, is the problem. Not so. Of the 25 percent of pollution in the atmosphere that is not caused by volcanoes, about 20 percent is coming from two countries. Those countries are Indonesia and China. What’s that you say Andy? Yep there is so much burning of wood products that those two countries produce about 20 percent of the pollution in the atmosphere.

The State of California, where I was born and spent most of my life living there, has so much restrictions on emissions and pollution that they are one of the strictest in the world. But want to know how much all these laws and restrictions do to reduce pollution in the atmosphere? What California reduces in overall pollution in the atmosphere is about 0.0001 percent of all the pollution in the atmosphere.  When you consider that volcanoes produce 75 percent of the pollution in the atmosphere, and Indonesia and China produce another 20 percent, what difference does the 0.00001 percent that California is reducing? Makes no impact at all. DEBUNKED!

So there you have it. All the claims of the Global Warming activists debunked in one Blog.